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Somewhat Frank

Apr 1, 2020

In this episode of the podcast, Frank Gruber is joined by Johnny “Goodtimes” Guidos as they discuss the current state of the Coronavirus Pandemic which is currently at 133,000 confirmed cases in the US and 700,000 cases globally.

They discuss the 8 strains of the virus while also talking about how they are passing the time while hunkering down. One thing to remember is to be kind out there, especially the group that decided to show up as not such good neighbors to enforce a quarantine. But with all this negative news out there it was uplifting to see the launch of SomeGoodNews by actor John Krasinski, of the US sitcom The Office fame, among other things. It’s a show all about good news and it’s just what the world needed right now. 

Speaking of good things in the world, some of our partners from our Startup of the Year program have been doing things to help with the COVID19 response — which include everything from 3D printing masks and supplies to COVID19 tests. You can find all these COVID19 resources and more here

The duo discussed everything they are watching as live concerts are being streamed online to movies being released early online, to new programs being dropped by the various streaming services from Ozark to Tiger King – which has been getting lots of people talking.  Finally, while we may be self-isolating, we still can watch with friends thanks to plug-ins like Netflix Party
This episode was live-streamed on @frankgruber’s Instagram account for additional engagement and viewing pleasure.

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