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Somewhat Frank

Sep 24, 2020

On this Episode of the Somewhat Frank Podcast, Frank Gruber and John Guidos talk about enjoying the splendors of Fall during the COVID-19 pandemic.  They also take a virtual moment of silence for the U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who recently passed away and was a force who fought for freedom and equality in America. 
Frank also celebrates the following people in his network:
The guys also talk about the following books/article they’ve read recently:
The greatest software IPO of all time just happened with Snowflake.
Frank and John chat about watching the Apple TV show “Ted Lasso” and the HBO Max series “Love Life” with Anna Kendrick.  Frank also gives a brief summary of the new Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma," which lays out a case against the primacy of big technology companies. The film highlights the concerns of former tech employees who say social media is undermining the shared sense of reality that underpins society.
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