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Somewhat Frank

Oct 20, 2020

On this Episode of the Somewhat Frank Podcast, Frank Gruber and John Guidos talk about enjoying the cooler temperatures and the fall harvest and about the Earth and what we're doing to it. Specifically, they discuss the new documentary Kiss The Ground, which talks about a global movement of regenerative agriculture, balancing our climate, replenishing our vast water supplies, and feeding the world. Additionally, the problem is further reaching than just the Earth, out in space there is apparently a mass of space junk that needs to be taken care of as well.
Frank also celebrates the following people in his network:
Frank also suggests that everyone try and attend the 8th annual Startup of the Year Summit! We will stream this special event for free, online for your viewing pleasure, on November 16th - 18th. Also featured during the Summit are a number of exciting speakers including Tim Draper, venture capitalist and founder of Draper Associates; entrepreneur and author Kara Goldin will discuss her journey in starting Hint Water and her new book Undaunted (order the book today) entrepreneur Mike Evans will share his candid story behind starting and taking GrubHub to IPO plus his new startup, and forthcoming book Hangry; author and entrepreneur Rohit Bhargava will share learnings from his latest book Non Obvious Mega Trends; author Meredith Fineman will teach us tips from her new book Brag Better; author Whitney Johnson will teach you how to Disrupt Yourself, and more. Register now.
The guys also talk about the following books/article they’ve read recently:
Frank and John also chat about the new Shuffle app that is like Instagram for podcasts. It allows you to make 60-second clips of your favorite podcasts and then post them you would on your Instagram stories and profile. Thus, enabling you to discover and share parts of podcasts. 
Please listen to Frank’s interview with Polly Rodriguez from Unbound on the latest edition of the Startup of the Year Podcast, where she shared her rollercoaster ride bootstrapping her sexual wellness startup to success. We hope you enjoy the candid conversation, and maybe pick something up to apply to your life. Listen here.
One last final note, please remember to vote on or before November 3rd.
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