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Somewhat Frank

Jun 7, 2022

On this episode of the Somewhat Frank Podcast, Frank Gruber (@FrankGruber), John Guidos (@JohnGuidos) chat about the following topics and articles…

  1. America's gun culture - in seven charts - Gun violence has returned to the US post-pandemic and it’s hard to stomach. Something has to be done. It’s gotten out of hand. We’re basically at war within our country every day. It’s scary to walk into Wal-Mart or send your child to school or attend a large festival. We’ve turned a blind eye for years and lived with it but now is the time to make some change.
  2. Could you live on a cruise ship? - A retired couple sold their home so they could permanently live on cruise ships for less than $43 a day. Could you do that?
  3. Insider trading on jpegs  - NFT (non-fungible tokens) are securities regulated by the SEC. So just like stocks you can insider trade on NFTs too.
  4. The moon race  - China and the US Are Racing to Make Billions From Mining the Moon's Minerals. Speaking of NASA, have you seen you can send your name to space? NASA Artemis | Send Your Name to Space -
  5. Plant Milk Is Coming for Your Kids - We’ve got a baby formula shortage. Is plant milk here to save the day?
  6. Driverless taxis were approved in California for the first time – but the rollout will be gradual  - Cruise is the first company to have an autonomous vehicle contract in San Francisco.

BONUS - The Harlem Globetrotters of Baseball  - Meet the Savannah Bananas, who’ve captivated fans and MLB. ‘We exist to make baseball fun’


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