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Somewhat Frank

May 3, 2024

On this episode of the Somewhat Frank Podcast, Frank Gruber (X: @FrankGruber), John Guidos (IG: @jgoodtimes83), and Jen Consalvo X: @noreaster) explore the following topics:


Life Below The Sea in the MIT Reader by James Powell - Our understanding of the resiliency of life has made leaps in bounds in a short amount of time. One can even extrapolate this resiliency to think about life on other worlds beyond our own and how methods to survive might be even stranger and more unknown than we can realize. 


NASA picks three companies to help Drive around the Moon - The startup companies are Intuitive Machines, Lunar Outpost, and Venturi Astrolab, which are set to design a next-generation lunar terrain vehicle (LTV) fit for moon travel and autonomous robotic exploration.


Generative A.I. Arrives in the Gene Editing World of CRISPR - As much as ChatGPT generates poetry, a new A.I. system creates blueprints for microscopic mechanisms that can edit your DNA. 


Musicians Take A Stand Against AI - A coalition of over 200 musicians, including high-profile names like Nicki Minaj, Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, and Noah Kahan, have signed an open letter cautioning against the irresponsible use of AI in music. 


Rich Americans Acquiring Second Passports - The rich are getting multiple passports and citizenships to hedge instability. Increasingly, wealthy Americans are seeking second passports, citing concerns over political and economic instability in the United States. 


Tricks to Living a Long Life - The average life expectancy in the US is 76.4 years, with over 70,000 Americans reaching 100 in 2023. Blue Zones, regions with exceptional longevity, have ten times more centenarians than average.


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