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Somewhat Frank

Nov 14, 2023

Welcome back to the Somewhat Frank Podcast! It's the season of the sticks and of thanks, and amidst all the craziness and turmoil in the world, there's much to be grateful for. 


In this episode, Frank Gruber (@FrankGruber), John Guidos (@JohnGuidos), and Jen Consalvo (@Noreaster) delve into what we're looking forward to this Thanksgiving season while sharing some exciting stories and developments in the world of technology and entertainment.


First, we chat about the Colombian government finding treasure off its coast. Read more here: 


Second, we explore a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional batteries that involves shellfish. Yes, you heard it right! Researchers at the University of Maryland have discovered a way to repurpose shellfish waste to create biodegradable batteries that are highly efficient. Read more here: 


Next, we dive into the fascinating world of memory manipulation and how scientists are working on editing and even deleting memories. While it may sound like science fiction, recent research has made significant strides in understanding memory formation and manipulation. Read more here:


Then, we introduce you to Mika, the world's first AI-powered human-like robot CEO. This unique collaboration between Hanson Robotics and Dictador, a rum company, has resulted in an AI CEO capable of making data-driven decisions, although with a notable processing delay. Read more here:


We also take a look at the Humane AI Pin, a potential smartphone replacement. This innovative device attaches to your lapel and projects information onto your hand, allowing you to make calls, send texts, and access information through voice control and gestures. Read more here:


In our friendly shoutouts, we highlight an AI fact-checking tool by Chris Saad ( and celebrate Atlantic Sea Farms' recognition in the food industry ( Plus, we share exciting news about the launch of Orange Bike Brewery, the first gluten-free brewery in Portland, Maine, founded by our friends Tom and Meg Ruff ( 


In our tech and gadgets segment, we discuss SpotMyPhotos, a software that grants photographers and photo booths control over event photo sharing ( We also introduce the DJI Mini 3 drone with extended battery life and intelligent features ( Plus, we chatted about the Clevr Blends Starter Kit with frother ( 


Finally, in the entertainment section, we explore The Beatles' final song "Now And Then" ( and share our experience of watching Steve Martin and Martin Short live, offering a hilarious and memorable performance.


As we wrap up, we wish you all a fantastic Thanksgiving season and encourage you to check out our podcast for more exciting updates and discussions. Thanks for tuning in!


As always, thank you for listening and feel free to reach out and let us know what you think at:


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